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Mon 18 May 23:59 PST

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Mon 1 June 23:59 PST

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Mon 18 June 23:59 PST

What is IBCOL?

The International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) is an annual global competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions for real-world problems with blockchain technology. In a worldwide hunt for blockchain talent, IBCOL combines the practicality of case competitions with the open-ended problem-solving culture of hack-a-thons, where participants submit a whitepaper like an academic conference and implementations of capstone projects.


The mission of the International Blockchain Olympiad is to support sustainability and maturity in blockchain by working with academic, industry, and government partners. Primarily working with secondary and tertiary students, IBCOL provides education and training on designing complete blockchain solutions.


IBCOL embodies the characteristics of a business case competition, an academic whitepaper conference, and a "hackathon" — contestants of up to six current and recent students first write a whitepaper to describe a complete solution, and finalists are required to create a poster board and a pitch presentation. This competition design rewards the students who can think deeply about a problem and the solution, and explain it to others in a coherent manner.

Why now

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Countless Use Cases

Blockchain will generate over $4.3 trillion (CAD) by 2030 across industry verticals

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Huge Demand for Talent

When students of today graduate, there will be even more job opportunities in blockchain

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Renewed Interest

While cryptocurrencies waned, business and governments explore blockchain applications